Light Weight SF chat plugin for sites

Tuesday, February 14, 2012 by Aslam - The Alexendra
Hi All,
Here, I am going to introduce the "Light Weight SF chat plugin for sites".

This is easy to install and setup in your site and easy to use. The positive thing is that it saves data in your native salesforce object for your review. This is just a demo app, if one want, he can extend this app to make more robust.

1) You can simply install it from here:

2) After deploy, you can simply access the first page by /apex/JoinChat It will ask you to click on join now link, if you already logged in before in chat room, you will be redirect to chathome page

3) If you not logged in, you will be redirected to /apex/chatlogin page, here you can give a name for yourself to use in chat room

4) To go chat room, you can call this page /apex/chathome Here you can see existing public people who are logged into same chat room To best use , you need to setup all 3 pages on public site.

Here is a demo hosted on my site:

ii) ChatLogin

iii) ChatHome

Note: For automatic updates, due to too much request i have set 30 seconds auto update for chat

There are chances of more enhancements, but its just a start :)

Aslam Bari


Anonymous said...

Hi how do i can add the members from contact to this chat

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