Salesforce Native DatePicker Year Extending Component

Saturday, April 23, 2011 by Aslam - The Alexendra
Hi All,
I developed one simple and useful component to extend Native Salesforce DatePicker. You all must aware of that we can't change Year list in datepicker and have to depend of salesforce native year list which is about -1 to +5 of current year. This is not useful on many situation like if i need to make one Date Of Birth field or any other date field where i need years range some high.

So i came up with simple component solution for this of your VF page. You simply need to include this in your VF page and use as following.

Sample Usage:
1) By using "lowerLimit" and "higherLimit"
<c:datepickerextend lowerlimit="10" higherlimit="15"/>
It will pick first year available in picker year list , for example 2010, and then add 10 earlier years to top of the picklist.
Same for higherLimit, it will pick last year available in picker year list, for example 2016, and then add 15 later years to bottom of the picklist.

2) By using "startYear" and "endYear
<c:datepickerextend startYear="1982" endYear="2020"/>
It will simply fill year list from 1982 to 2020.

1) Component Code: Download from here

2) jQuery Lib: Download from here and save in static resource as datepicker_extend (You can you any jquery lib instead)

3) Demo Usage Code: Download from here

Working online demo:
You can view one simple demo, used following code:

<c:datepickerextend lowerlimit="10" higherlimit="5"/>

Provide your feedback as always. Enjoy !!!

Aslam Bari

SF Ballot : Native Poll System For Salesforce

Saturday, April 16, 2011 by Aslam - The Alexendra
Hi All,
Today i came up with one new tool i created "SF Ballot". This is a small application tool used for polling/voting for Salesforce internal users, customer portal users and others with native support. It is easy to setup and integrated with sidebar for users. Users can submit and see result easily for their daily polls. Admin can easily creates new poll daily for users.

You can download the package from this url:

Here is the detailed information about this tool. You can find screencast also there and updated info about the tool.

Try this out and give me feedback about your experience with this.

Aslam Bari

Restrict Duplicate Records In Salesforce [Duplicate Detector]

Friday, April 8, 2011 by Aslam - The Alexendra
Hi All,
There are many needs in most of the times for business to avoid duplicate records in their systems. For example Companies don't want duplicate Accounts, Contacts or Leads to be inserted into the systems. So i came up here with one solution application called "Duplicate Detector".

This is a managed package, easy to install into Salesforce and ready to use. The package is in Beta and it gives you power to Configure following things:-

1) Custom Error message when duplicate found
2) Stop Duplicate
3) Report Duplicate, it stops the duplicate and also prompts the duplicate found record link records.
4) You can select fields on which you want to make "Duplicate Detector" to find duplicate and stops the insertion/updation.

I am planning to extend this package to put some more advance features in near future.

Go Here to download the package:

Click here to see a small screen cast about the functionality:-

Here are some screen shot for it:

1) Main Front Launching Screen:

2) Configuration/Criteria Screen:

3) When duplicate record inserted (Account) it reports like below:

It may have some chances to enhance the tool, Try it and let me know your valuable feedbacks and any bug if you find.

Aslam Bari

sfGMap [Salesforce + Google Map + jQuery]

Saturday, April 2, 2011 by Aslam - The Alexendra
Hi All,
I came across many times for implementing Goolge Map on VF page for many clients in different needs. Every time its a time consuming process like download scripts, write code to fetch addresses, write code to set markers and additional javascript for that. So, I decided to make one Simple Component (Package) which is easy to use and embed in your VF page. Here is a live demo for the map on VF page which shows all accounts markers and info in popup.

Here is the package link wihch is used to install sfGMap package easily.

Here is some guidelines to use <c:sfgmap> the component.

You simply need to use component in your vf page with appropriate attributes.
--> width: Width of the map
--> height: Height of the map
--> addressmodel : all addresses need to show on map
--> uselatlng : check to see if use lat lng or address
--> zoom : zoom level for google map
--> default : default address where map will be center on load

Here is sample use:
<c:sfgmap width="600" height="400" addressmodel="{!addressmodel}" zoom="4" uselatlng="false">

Here AddressModel is a class which contains the list of Addresses. After installation of the package you can simply go to "mapdemo" VF page and "mapdemocontroller" to see the sample code how to use this.

This package is simple to use and time saving for many. Give it a try :)

Aslam Bari