SF Uploadify: File Uploading Utility for Salesforce

Tuesday, September 13, 2011 by Aslam - The Alexendra
Hi All,
I have created a very cool file uploading utility which can be integrated with any system, but mainly I focused on Salesforce. This utility is built using Uploadify Tool and PHP integration. You can find more info about Uploadify here. It supports multiple file uploading with progress bar and uploads the file to your external server (php server where your site or this utility is hosted.) Then it makes the Attachment record in salesforce and links to actual file on server. So you can directly (natively) access your files.

How it works:

  1. User opens any record in salesforce , lets say "Account" record.
  2. There will be a custom button (given in below code), user clicks on button
  3. One file uploading screen opens, click on 'Select Files" button and select multiple files at same time (using control button)
  4. As soon as, user select and close dialog, it starts uploading files with progress bar
  5. The files will be stored on the Server where this utility exists, for now it saves to my server.
  6. It will show finally a screen with close button.
  7. Click on close button , it will refresh the parent window (if not, manually refresh the parent record)
  8. Open the attachments section, you will find the new files (attachments created, which actually a link for actual files on the server)
  9. Click on any file and click on "View" link.
  10. And you will see it opens your uploaded actual file :)

More Details and Updates on my site:

1) Button code:
Make one custom button (detail screen button), on any object, for example , account object, see below code.
a. Behavior must be "Open in new window"
b. Content Source will be "URL"
The url for the button will be as below


2) Utility Code:
The utility is on my server for now, it is in BETA, once all is tested and working , i will make it public :)

Note: For commercial use this tool, you first need to go to Uploadify site and check its license type if any. Because my tool uses the Uploadify internally.

See the screen cast how it works:

Hope you will like it. :)

Aslam Bari


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Anonymous said...

Wow Aslam,

You Rocks..

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Reena said...

Good Job Aslam as usual :)

sandeep said...

Keep it up to share Sir your knowledge points...
thanks ...

Anonymous said...

Great... :)

colemab said...

So this still uses a non-salesforce platform (i.e. PHP or ASP) to upload the file? And then it gets transferred to SFDC?

Anyway of doing this w/o the intermediate step of a PHP or ASP server?

If not, any timeline for making the code public? That way people worried about security might configure it on their own PHP server.

Thanks for sharing - great stuff!

Aslam - The Alexendra said...

It is very easy to integrate in your php server. You just need to put the code and it is ready.
I am waiting for some organization to see interest in this so that i can make it public :)

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