Salesforce, Talend (tMap), Data Loading...Avoid VLookup

Saturday, February 26, 2011 by Aslam - The Alexendra
Hi All,
Today I will give you some demonstration about data loading with Talend. I am taking one special case in which generally people use VLookup function from excel to match the lookup ids and fill the records csv column and then upload. For example, you have one CSV file for Contacts which you want to insert into salesforce, that CSV contains 'Account Name'. But you need AccountId to successfully insert contact records. For solving this people generally do this approach.

1) Fetch all account names and ids from salesforce and make one csv
2) Use the VLookup function to match Account Name from csv2 to CSV1 and set the extra column in CSV1 for AccountId (generally people struggle here :) )
3) Then use final CSV1 to upload the data

So, I am here to tell you easy upload approach using Talend tMAP to avoid any VLookup headache and simply upload data successfully.

Follow this approach.
1) Create a new Job
2) Select File->tFileInputDelimited and set your CSV input file here
3) Select Business->Salesforce->tSalesforceOutputBulkExec, set your salesforce credentials where you want to upload the data
4) Select Business->Salesforce->tSalesforceInput, set your salesforce credentials from where you want to fetch the Account Ids and Account Names data, Set your query here
5) Select Processing->tMap, this is the heart of whole process
6) Double click on tMap, set the mapping here, CSV1->AccountName TO tSalesforceInput->Name. Drag relavent columns to your salesforce output file, Set the ID from tSalesforceInput to tSalesforceOutputBulkExec->AccountId
7) Now save your complete Job
8) Run the job and it will give you output as results.

Here is the Screencast to see complete process as vedio.

Here are more links which can help you to run and use Talend

Hopefully this will help some people to try Talend and finding its benifits.

Aslam Bari


Abdul Vahid said...

Nice Tool:)

Unknown said...

Fantastic tool Aslam...u r a genius man

Unknown said...

we will try i t for our tax data load :)

Pepe said...

Excellent stuff Aslam!

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