JQuery 'Sticky Notes' integration with 'Salesforce Tasks'

Saturday, December 4, 2010 by Aslam - The Alexendra
Hi All,
Here i came up again with something interesting stuffs. I found recently one cool JQuery Sticky Notes plugin here Tutorialzine [http://tutorialzine.com/2010/01/sticky-notes-ajax-php-jquery/]. Then i came up with an idea to integration this cool feature with Salesforce Tasks.

Sorry, this time i can't share a Force.com sites link to show you a demo because this project inloves with Tasks and Users objects, that has Public Site access limitation, thats why, Here is a simple Screencast demo i created, check it out.

Click and View:

Sticky Dashboard:

Add Note Screen:

I created this complete stuff in couple of hours so it may have many flaws. I am thinking to improve this on following points:

1) Need to push more fields (Status, Priority etc on Add note and dashboard screen for Sticky Tasks Page)
2) Reassign a task to other
3) Also, thinking to integrate this with my previous stuff (VFTalkie), which is voice enabled.
4) Thinking to integrate this with Twilio voice system also, so you no need to write your task, just call and your task will be created on Sticky home :) (Isn't it cool).
5) And many more....

If you need the code just mail me, and As always, provide me your valuable suggestions.

Aslam Bari
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Kirtesh said...


Good stuff.. :)

Abdul Vahid said...

Hey once again very useful stuff. :)

Anonymous said...

Gr8 stuff Aslam. I always wait for your post since it brings every time interesting things.

Amit Goyal said...

hi aslam,

hmm it's really very interesting.
you always put many useful stuff for all.

many thanks for it.

Reena said...

Hi Aslam,

Its very different and interesting stuff again.

Unknown said...

Hi Aslam,

This sounds really interesting this is so cool.


Unknown said...


Once again with a new idea.Great!!!

I will try it.

Lokesh said...

It is again a simply outstanding stuff indeed.
Your are rocking as always :).Thanks for sharing another useful idea.

AK said...

Nice Post..!

Unknown said...

This is amazing stuff aslam.. pretty cool..

Chetan Garg said...


It can be used to share tasks with rich UI

Chetan Garg said...

Hey do you know about MapBox...
Can you write some good stuff about MapBox and OpenLayer

Akhilesh Soni said...

hey aslam

its simply gr8

thanks for sharing :-)

Abhay said...

Hey Aslam,

Grt Job Keep Up the good work ... you rock...

Anonymous said...

Hey Aslam,

Gr8 post...

Interesting stuff...

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

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