Salesforce Drag Drop MultiSelect List Using JQuery

Friday, May 13, 2011 by Aslam - The Alexendra
Hi All,
Recently i came across with one requirement where end user needs a multiselect picklist where he can drag drop items between two list in Salesforce. I searched for some good drag drop scripts over net and finally found best one which fits in my need. It is from and you can see that in action here.

So I used that jquery stuff and wrapped that in a re-usable VF component to make it more general. It is very simple to use and easy to embed in you VF page.
In your VF page you simply need to call the VF component as below syntax:

<c:sfdragdroplist list1="India;United States;France;Germany;Japan" outputfieldid="list_2_serialised">

The above syntax will make two list on screen drag and drop enabled. Source list will have counties given in "list1". This attribute contains the list of items separated by semicolon ";". You can directly hard code these items to component or you can also fetch from any object fields and make that semicolon separated (note: multiselect picklist already contains values as semicolon separated) and pass to component. For storing what user is selecting for your DB or later processing purpose you need to make one extra textfield (or hidden field) and provide that id in above component like "list_2_serialised"

<input id="list_2_serialised" name="list_2_serialised" value="{!list2FinalItems}" type="hidden">

You can download the complete code from this package url

You can see the working demo here

The above implementation is for simple list drag drop, one can extend it to make it more advance level to enable drag drop between two different tables or screens.

Hope this will be helpful for users!!!

Aslam Bari


Abdul Vahid said...

Its very cool, Keep posting like this useful tool. :)

Haribabu Amudalapalli said...

Aslam......u have great knowledge boss...

ewillig said...

Nice functionality. Can you provide more context for this solution. While I have a lot of technical experience, I have only been a SFDC admin for a couple of years and am just getting into the development side.


Abhay said...

Aslam your contributions are awesome.... keep up the good work... you are a genious

Unknown said...

Hi Aslam.
Its very good functionality.
You are great....

Anonymous said...

Very Very Very Great!

Anonymous said...

Great post!

Do you know how can I enable multiple select on the source list with keeping the existing functionality?

Aslam - The Alexendra said...

Try pressing CTRL key and select multiple items and drag drop, its already there, its just i did not get time to make css for that and i did not mention in blog :)

Anonymous said...


I need a function where the values deselected from the Multi-Select picklist 1 [Source] becomes the selected value of Multi-Select picklist 2 [Target].

Can we achieve that using this script?


Sandeep Singhal said...

Really It is awesome ...

Anonymous said...

Its not working after I installed in salesforce. I am unable to drag the fields.

Unknown said...

Is it working in IE 9 also ?

Unknown said...

Hi Aslam,
This is very cool, but I can't get it to work. Could you help me?

Aslam - The Alexendra said...

Hi Benjamin,
Please check my new post which also demo about drag drop
Salesforce Remoting & jQuery Drag/Drop Mash-up

Ganesh said...

hi Aslam its not working please check it once..?

Unknown said...

How to add pagelayout fields to fieldset dynamically(through coding) and how to iterate this fiedset in an visualforce page dynamically.

please help me............

Unknown said...

It didn't work for me. I couldn't drag items to target list.

Unknown said...

This is an informative post review. I am so pleased to get this post article and nice information. I was looking forward to get such a post which is very helpful to us. A big thank for posting this article in this website. Keep it up. , ,

Anonymous said...

Hi All,
I have installed this in my local but its not working can any one help me on this please.
Thanks a lot in advance.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Hi Aslam,

Nice Article, I used this for my requirement but it is not working for mobile view.Do you have any solution to get it worked for mobile view also.


Unknown said...

Hi Team,

We have installed package 'SF DragDrop List' version# 1.0.
Could you please help me with the following:

1) Is there any higher version?
2) If yes, is the new version lightning ready?
3) Is the new version Free/ Paid?
4) If there is no higher version, do you have any plans in future?
5) Would the future package be lightning ready?
6) Is there any direct contact number?

Prathamesh Khandge

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