Restrict Duplicate Records In Salesforce [Duplicate Detector]

Friday, April 8, 2011 by Aslam - The Alexendra
Hi All,
There are many needs in most of the times for business to avoid duplicate records in their systems. For example Companies don't want duplicate Accounts, Contacts or Leads to be inserted into the systems. So i came up here with one solution application called "Duplicate Detector".

This is a managed package, easy to install into Salesforce and ready to use. The package is in Beta and it gives you power to Configure following things:-

1) Custom Error message when duplicate found
2) Stop Duplicate
3) Report Duplicate, it stops the duplicate and also prompts the duplicate found record link records.
4) You can select fields on which you want to make "Duplicate Detector" to find duplicate and stops the insertion/updation.

I am planning to extend this package to put some more advance features in near future.

Go Here to download the package:

Click here to see a small screen cast about the functionality:-

Here are some screen shot for it:

1) Main Front Launching Screen:

2) Configuration/Criteria Screen:

3) When duplicate record inserted (Account) it reports like below:

It may have some chances to enhance the tool, Try it and let me know your valuable feedbacks and any bug if you find.

Aslam Bari


Raj Jha said...

This tool is very useful to restrict duplicates in my system. There are more tools like this in market like "DupeBlocker'. But i found this simple enough to configure and use.

Abdul Vahid said...

Its useful in aspect of many businesses need. I tried it and it works well as a Beta can. I thinking many enhancements on this and will keep you posted.

Abhishek Pareek said...

As usual, another useful tool from your kit. It's just wonderful the way you're providing help to all of us.

李京海 said...

so it only works with account,contact and lead ? does has to have a trigger and linked with the object ? Can it be used for a customer obj without using trigger (just point and click) ?

Amit Goyal said...

Hello Aslam,
This tool is very useful to restrict duplicates in my system on any object like account, contact, lead and it work for all type of data as well.

Good work.

Anonymous said...

The match field - what are the legal values for this. Can it take values other than Exact?

Aslam - The Alexendra said...

@Naveen: I going to implement contains, startsWith, endsWith in some days soon.

GG Family said...

How to extend this to custom object?

李京海 said...

it will not work with custom obj as it is based on trigger which always need to be created manually.

One way to solve this problem is to make "asyn record creation", that it, you create a record in a temp table, and a batch job starts later, scan all records in your org, create the record if there is no duplicate.

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